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It all ended on a high

Indoor league Runners up 2013 006The indoor season for us is over for another year. Our season closer was the Indoor Tournament and we closed the season on a high as runners-up. This represents our best ever result in indoor play and caps a remarkable few weeks for us. For the first 5 weeks we couldn’t close a game out and win. We played really well, we gave ourselves chances to win games, but never managed to cross the line. For the next 5 weeks, we only lost once in five outings and then capped that with a great showing in the tournament.

What made the tournament extra special was the inclusion of a couple of the youth players we’ve been working with. Both played very well and contributed the majority of our home runs for the day. We’ve not been hitting many home runs during the season, someone we forgot to tell the guys, who promptly hit at least one between them in all 8 of our innings. They both have some stories to tell next week to their classmates.

The only small disappointment we had from the day was our final game against BA. We didn’t do ourselves justice in the game, never really getting going or getting into the rhythm of batting and fielding we had in the previous games.

In the end it didn’t matter and the end result is all that matter. We have the trophy safely tucked up in the bag ready for displaying at the club house.

Now our focus switches to the outdoor variation. Three training sessions to get everyone up to speed and ready for First Ball, the league and the main goals of a good showing in the Diamond series and the Nationals later in the season.

Roll on April 6th, 10am.


A Season of Two Halves.

Well the 2013 Indoor League season is over. The story of our season can be summed up using an adaptation of a football cliché, we really did have a season of two halves. 0-5 for the first five weeks, 3-1-1 for the second five. There are so many ways you can think about this. What if the season started now? If we continued our second half form we’d be close to winning the league. What if the first week hadn’t been cancelled and the rescheduled game we won against RP that started the our second half run had been the first game of the season, as it was meant to be?  You can tie yourself up in “What if’s” here. The main thing is that the team improved and adapted to the indoor variation. Winning breeds winnings, get on a good run and confidence flows, get on a bad run and it’s a hard spiral to break.

We found a way to break that spiral and get our confidence back. This is building block for the outdoor season, we achieved the goals we set ourselves for the indoor season. As our captain reminded me, we started the season with 5 players out of our starting 8 who had never played a proper game before. So to end up where we did was a huge achievement.

What now? We have players ready to go now. We got players who’ve got game time under their belts. We’ve got players who look more confident playing the game. Now we convert them to the outdoor variant and unleash them on the league.

The week that was 4th March–10th March

What a week!. Monday saw us playing Chalfont in the indoor league. Chalfont leading the league and needing a win to keep Baps and Balls at bay, MSC needing a win to continue the recent good run. So what do you get? An amazing 43-43 draw, with MSC having the chance to win it with the last batter.

Tuesday we were in the School again. The sun was out making it a glorious morning to be out playing softball. What better to do in the sun but let the kids loose with bats and tees, then get them playing a game. Still came off the fielded covered in mud, but the kids were itching to get back out early for the next lesson. Let’s hope the snow keeps away for this Tuesday coming.

Wednesday was League Quiz night, the mixed MSC and RP team came a creditable second. What a hard quiz too, a real tester which made the second place even more pleasing.

The week ended with a indoor training session. This time the adults got a chance to use the bats and tees and the machine. Saw some very good progress in our newer players, they are taking to the game well. Still work to do, but the squad has blown the winter cobwebs off. One more week indoors then we all get muddy outside after Easter.