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Awards Round-up: Rebels MVPs 2013

In the previous post we reviewed the Most Improved Players for 2013. In this post, we’ll review the players who the Rebels voted their most valuable players of 2013.

There were some very good performances from the Rebels players this year. Gary Green stepped in to pitch when we lost Jason Pullin to injury before the season started. Gary showed on more than one occasion why he is an extremely good pitcher and solid player. Gemma Jones built on her MIP award in 2012 with a very good year, a .500 batting average with 13 RBIs was a very productive return at the top of the order. So the bar was very high. In the end the Rebels players voted for Chris “Fletch” Fletcher and Ellie Wheeler.

IMG_2217This was Fletch’s first season with the club, he joined to play a midweek sport to supplement his cricket. As it turns out, Softball trumps cricket in the enjoyment stakes for him. His cricket background was a real advantage from day one, he showed he was very capable of picking up the required techniques and rules. His numbers were very impressive, batting .583 with 21 RBIs and 3 home runs. He was second overall in the club for Put Outs (38) and Assists (24), only Gary Green topped these numbers. When it mattered in games he made the plays. Fletch can be very proud of his season, especially as he went on to represent the club at the League All-Star game and won the MVP for that game too. He and the club can look forward to a great 2014.

Ellie also was new to the club this year. A product of our partnership allstarmvpswith Sir William Borlase Grammar School Ellie has natural sporting ability. She played both for the Royals and Rebels this year and won an army of fans where ever she played, including some GB scouts. Her numbers were equally as impressive as Fletchs, even more so when you factor in she only played 7 games for the Rebels. She batted .576, highest female in the club, scored 11 runs and hit 16 RBIs. Like Fletch Ellie went on to represent the club at the League All-Star game and also picked up an MVP award, what made this even more special was the fact she was called up to the Division 1 squad to replace an injury withdrawal. It will be a busy winter for Ellie, apart from her hockey commitments, she will be attending the BSUK Academy. This will certainly help her development and the club too.

Congratulations to the Fletch and Ellie, and to all the Rebels players who put in such a fantastic effort this season.


Awards Round up: MIPs 2013

You know the summer is over when the parties begin. Over the last weekend, there were a number of clubs and leagues posting about their awards parties. Where did the summer go?

To add to the mix, the Maidenhead party was Saturday. This year annual event was held at Prezzo’s in Maidenhead, with two thirds of the club able to make it.

This year, for the first time, we had a number of the youth players attend. They all received a medal to commemorate their participation  in the youth program for 2013.

The first awards of the evening recognised the improvements of players in the development program. This awards goes to a male and female player, is awarded by the coaches and takes into account where those players started the year, the enthusiasm to learn and put that into practice.

This year the winners where Joe White and Kayleigh Chamberlain. Both players have just completed their first seasons with the club.

IMG_2216Joe came to us in June having participated in one event at school, he took to Softball like a duck to water. He comes to every training session and works hard at the game. He got on so well we had him playing in the Rebels team before the month was out and went on to play the remained of the season for the Rebels. He also joined the squad that went to the BA Tournament. In August, he was one of the 2 junior players we selected to represent us at the BSF Nationals. After a few substitute appearances in the first group games, he played all the games up to the Semi-final where a slight injury kept him out the final. He rounded the season off by being part of the Rebels team who were runners up in both the Solent RecBal Cup competition and the Hit and Run Competition. He is also looking to attend the 2013/14 BSUK Academy program.

Kayleigh joined at the end of last season, too late to IMG_2215play any games but was keen to train, attending the last couple of sessions we ran. As with all new players catching and hitting were very new to her and she missed more than she played at. That didn’t deter her. She played a full part in the Rebels league season and travelled with the MSC squads to Leeds, Leicester and Solent. Come the Hit and Run tournament on September 29th she was a different player. In her own words, “Sunday was the first time this season I didn’t strike out in any game”. With her first season down, she has the foundation for a really fun 2014.

Congratulations to both players and now looking forward to them building on this foundation next season.