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Slow start to MSC Indoor Campaign

MSC’s 2014 Indoor season got off to a slow start. Defeats against RP and Chalfont left MSC bottom of the league after one complete round of fixtures. Fielding a mixed team of veterans, rookies and youth players, these first couple of games were a real rapid learning experience. Mark batting agsinst RPHowever, the first game started pretty well, in the first inning MSC held Richings Park to just 6 runs. But that was the best inning of the whole evening. With the rapid format you do expect to concede a few runs, but that is balanced by the outs you get and then your own batting. The MSC’’ batting failed to score more than 20 runs in any of their 3 innings against RP and the number of outs meant they didn’t score positively until the last inning, by which time the game was already lost and ended 46-2 to RP.

The second game against Chalfont saw an improvement in the MSC batting, especially in the first two innings when MSC registered positive scores. Gemma facing ChalfontHowever, experience in the Chalfont batting line up told as MSC conceded over 30 runs per inning while only registering an average of 10 outs. The final score was 66-10 to Chalfont.

Not the start the club was looking for. With a week off next week, MSC will be back in action against BA and Sea Snakes on February 10th, where they will look to get the season on track.


Table. January 28th 2014

RP 4 2 2 0 128 97 31 8
Chalfont 2 2 0 0 98 17 81 6
BA 2 2 0 0 94 37 57 6
Sea Snakes 2 0 2 0 25 94 -69 2
MSC 2 0 2 0 12 112 -100 2

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