Season Review Day 1. Where it all started back with Indoor

As the year enters it’s final months and we start to think about 2019, let’s take time this December to look back and remember the year. The good times, the bad times, those extremely hot days and that very hard ground. All added up, it made 2018.

So, let’s start were it all began, with the Indoor league. It’s fair to say that Maidenhead Softball Club and WMSL Indoor League have an interesting history. We love to play in it, but our record is pretty woeful. It’s often been the case that we don’t win a game till February, it’s not an unusual 20180429_160408thing to see us at the bottom of the table and we don’t start playing until the title has already been decided. 2018 was different. So very different, you had to look down at the badge on the shirt to even realise this was the Maidenhead team and we were not only winning, but we were on top of the table.

The team started like a little slow to be honest, although the first week did include a win against RG Blue Sox, who themselves have been unlucky in not winning a title in the past two years. By the time March came around we had played and beaten everyone. There was talk of an undefeated season on the cards, but the unstoppable train was switched to a siding in March, two unexpected defeats in the reverse of the opening fixtures did put the brakes on. There was even talk that we couldn’t win without certain players in our team.

There are still those questions out there, but one thing is certain, after the fixtures on March20180317_160734 14th, when we beat TV for the second time, the title was there for taking. What followed was a week to remember. Before the final round of games we have a weekend of events starting with a trip down to the south coast to play in the Tom Prince Charity event. We went down more with the expectation of fun than anything, but an unbeaten day meant we won our first Indoor Title of the season. We are hoping we get invited back to defend it on 2019 as it was a fun event, winning aside. A day at the IMG-20180319-WA0000seaside was followed by a day in Rickmansworth as we followed up Tom Prince with a Plate victory in the WMSL Spring Indoor. We maybe should have gone further, but a trophy is a trophy as they say and we bagged one.

Two trophies in two days and with the big prize still to come. One more game in the indoor season. The final day win against the BA Flyers gave us the prize that we thought maybe was beyond us. “Maidenhead winning at Indoor” isn’t something that rolls off the tongue, until this year it’s hard to say if that had ever IMG-20180321-WA0002been written before. One thing that is undeniable, the WMSL Indoor Champions Shield now has an entry for 2018 that says they – Maidenhead Royals.

That 5-day period in March was a remarkable time, a haul of three trophies was more than we have won in Indoor in the last 5 years, let alone 5 days. The benchmark for 2019 has been set. Is it possible, even thinkable that 2019 could see a second entry on the shield? Does Maidenhead and Indoor finally go together? 2019 is just around the corner and there are 5 other teams who will be looking to have their name engraved instead.

Come and Try Softball

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