Season Review Day 8. All That Glitters Is Gold

Rebels2018NationalsGroupAugust saw the Rebels take their place at the BSF League Nationals. Having won the Bronze competition in 2017, each section winner was given a place to defend their title. Twelve months ago, Saturday at the Nationals wasn’t very kind to the Rebels, they lost all four games in their group.

Better Than Last Year

This year the Rebels started with a high scoring encounter against Golden Sombreros. A high tempo start from the Rebels was matched by a late rally from the Sombreros. It got a little closer than the early exchanges would have indicated, but the Rebels managed to win the game 23-15.

Next up was a familiar opponent for the Club. Games against the Leicester Royals are usually close encounters and while they are rare these days, this one was right in the tradition.


Close all the way through and right down to the wire, the Rebels pulled out a 16-14 victory to move to 2-0 on the day.

A Small Blip

So far, the day was being defined by close, but high scoring encounters. The game against the Chokers only fill one of those traits. This was also the first game where the Rebels trailed and had to chase. Both defences ruled the game and after 70 minutes of frantic softball, it was the Chokers who came out on top 9-8.

IMG_1174IMG_1225IMG_1244IMG_1250It was a little set back on the day, but even at 2-1 this was a already a good day. With one more game to go, the next day’s seeding was still up for grabs. Win and it could be the Gold section, loose and it could even be a return to the Bronze section.

Meet the Fockers

The trend of close games continued into this last game on day 1, also the trend of the games becoming lower scoring continued. The Rebels continued their strong day and ran out 10-6 winners and earnt themselves a 3-1 record and a place in the Gold competition.


In With The Big Boys

The second day couldn’t have started any harder. Current reigning Gold Champions, the Fuzzy Ducks. The Rebels fought hard, pushed the Ducks all the way to the last inning and with a 12-5 lead, an amazing victory was within grasp. The Ducks were not the champions without being able to get out of tight situations and in true champion form a stirring final flourish snatched victory 17-12.

It was a big disappointment to have come so close and lost out. Maybe there was a hangover going into the next game against Mouse Rat.


The game was back to the traits of Saturday, low scoring and very close. The Rebels had their chances to win the game, but couldn’t get their offense going enough to finish the job and finally went down 10-11.

The second defeat put further progression in the competition in the balance. The Rebels previous day record was in their favour, but they simply had to win their last game against Raiders Gold.


A Valiant Effort

0-2 on the day and it was now a win or go home game. The Raiders faced a similar situation, along with Mouse Rat, all 3 teams were now playing a one-off game for a Gold Semi-final place, With Mouse Rat losing to Fuzzy Ducks to finish 1-2, this meant a Rebels win would leave three teams on 2-1 and a tense wait to see who would go through. The Rebels put everything into the last game, but the Raiders were in the end too strong and took the game 12-6 and clinched the semi-final place.


It was a valiant effort from a team that 12 months ago had to wait until the Sunday to win a game. It was a big jump from Bronze to Gold, but in no way did the Rebels just make up the numbers. They had chances to advance and on another weekend the games might have gone their way. As it was, their adventure finished in the Gold Group stages

Come and Try Softball

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