Season Review Day 11. The Lighter Side of the Year

As we reach the penultimate edition and Christmas is just a couple of days away, it’s time to look at some of moments from the year, that were, well frankly, Good, bad and bizarre.

1, When you just need a Canoe.

DSCF0633Let’s start with something you really don’t see every weekend at a Softball Event. In the middle of the hottest summers since ‘76, the Blitches at C.W.S 3 thought they might need a canoe.

They didn’t need it at this event, but would have been very useful come the SPAM tournament.

2. It’s all in the game

The one thing we can always guarantee at any event is a lot of laughs.  There was a little moreIMG_4903 that happened before this was taken. Needless to say the play didn’t quite go according to plan, from a defensive point of view at least and Lucy did see the funny side. This is one of the photos that made it into the picture of the  year category, simply because it shows the sheer enjoyment we all get from the sport and it embodies what C.W.S is all about.

3. Where did they come from?

There is a lot going on on a softball diamond at any one time. You could IMG_5568be set up right where you think the play is going to happen and then a player comes out of no where and the shot is gone. There are however, those times when the players get out the way at exactly the right moment. Thank you MartiIMG_5573n for deciding to duck and stay out the way for the entire shot this time.

This was taken during a Maidenhead Royals league game against the TV Typhoons. Games against the TV Clubs did produce some of the more bizarre images of the year.

4. A Catch is a catch

These three all came in the warm up before the game. All three ended with the ball in the glove.

IMG_5062Picture 012 (2)IMG_5582

5. Keep Calm and have a break

Tournament Softball can be a very draining sport. We are lucky in a way that there are at least hour breaks between most games, because there are times when you just have to have a break.


6. Game Face

Once you cross the chalk line, it’s time to get that game face on, focus on the job at hand.


7. What a Difference In a Month

What make the year so interesting was the sudden difference in the conditions between August and September. August 2018, dry ground, dust clouds and short selves. September 2018, Heavy ground, water spray and waterproofs.


8. Flying is the Safest Form of travel

Statistically speaking it’s the safest form of travel. Although, you don’t always get their on time and your luggage doesn’t always travel with you.


9. Where is the Arc?

WellyInTheRainThe Rascals last game of the Season was in Wokingham playing the TV Rattlesnakes, IMG_1082after a hopeful start the heavens opened. It honestly looked like the game would be called. Incredible to even imagine after the summer we had had. 15 minutes of torrential rain stopped play completely.

But like all good softballers, the first break in the rain and they were back out there. The result didn’t quite go the Rascals way so it was definitely not the way they wanted to end the season.

10. It All Ends with a Bow Tie

Every team needs a player who is just an absolute sport when it comes to the odd awards. Our Kai, is that. Not only did he gain his fair share of MVP awards, including the Club Tournament award, he took the “Donkey” award each week with such a good attitude, even when he didn’t do anything to deserve it.


That was the year. There were so many images that it could have made it into this review, but these were my favourites, and since I’m writing this I get to choose.

Come and Try Softball

MSC LogoWe run sessions on Friday’s throughout the year to enable anyone interested to try Softball. If you think you would like to give Softball a try, or to learn more about Maidenhead Softball Club and to get involved in Softball, contact us on

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