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Club Review of the Year Part 12. The End of one Year, Start of Another.

So we’ve come to the final part of our journey through 2015. Over the last 22 days and 11 parts we’ve tried to convey the highs and lows of the year. So as 2015 draws to an end and we look forward to 2016, we can take one last look at the fond memories of this year. My personal favourites moments both came against London Flames at the Diamond Series, sorry London Flames. Our two encounters in 2015 Diamond series were both epic. The only regret about them was that so few people actually got to see them, especially the Diamond 2 final.

Winners-2015-2The Winners

But enough from me, let’s celebrate the winners ones last time before we look ahead to 2016. Congratulations to the players, Giannah, Julia, Natalie, Alex, Evan, Grant and John “Eddy”, the 2015 Club MVPs and MIPs. To the teams, the Royals team that came top of the tree in the Diamond Series, the Rebels team who won at BA, the development team that came so close at the Raiders tournament. The Marlovians for their best league finish. To be honest, everyone was a winner in 2015, it was that kind of year, everyone played a part in all the successes.

Let’s not forget the other events.

The past 11 posts focused on the main events of 2015, but the club did enter other events and did well in those too. The first outing outdoor was a trip down to the south coast to the Chichester Charity event and out outdoor year started as Plate Winners. That was soon followed up with a Runners-up slot in the Plate at GB Open. We played at MLB and Leicester Labour day, without success this year. The last honour of the year can in the last main tournament where we reached the Cup final of the Windsor Last Ball event. Sadly that ended in defeat, but was the gauge for what will come next year.

History on Display

All those events have helped fill the trophy cabinet we finally got installed Cabinetthis year. 38 different honours spanning 15 years. The club history on permanent display in the club house at our own ground. To get this point we needed to collect the spoils from all those years. Without a home before, the trophies have spend many years hidden away awaiting the cabinet. So we reached out to past members who helped build the foundation of this club, they helped us fill in a number of gaps we had in our history and the gaps on the shelves too. It was not just trophies they provided, but cuttings and photos. So it was interesting to see that the earliest photos we have show the club playing in white, we spent a long time playing in blue before switching to white a couple of years back, a decision that now harks back to those early days.

What is next?

The indoor season is nearly upon us and a time when we try and blood as many new players as we can in preparation for the outdoor season. The club plans to make the step up in grade this year. The tournament Royals team will play in B-grade and the Rebels team will be the primary C-Grade team. It will be tough, especially for the Royals, but a step that is needed to keep developing the club forward. The ladies team will be invested in, both in training time and tournament entry. The club plans to hold an all-female event in May 2016, something we’ve been planning for a couple of years in conjunction with Hit and Run, which will be back for a 4th year. The Newlands satellite will continue and be the corner stone of the development program for all ages. We also hope to start of improvements to our home ground, that will be a long process but worth the journey.

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016.

It will be sad to say goodbye to 2015, we had a such a great year and will be fondly remembered. Now we look ahead to making 2016 even better.

The review of the year in full.

What is Softball?

Co-ed slowpitch softball is a social and enjoyable game that’s easy to learn and play, even for people who are not “athletes” or don’t have much experience of team sports.

Softball is a lot like baseball in terms of the rules, but because the ball is pitched slowly to each batter (as the name implies!), it’s easy to hit the ball and succeed at the sport’s central skill. The fact that men and women play together in the same team and on an equal level gives the sport a social buzz, and most softball games are followed by sessions at the local pub!

Come and Get Involved

Maidenhead Softball Club runs weekly sessions every Friday at Newlands Girls School in Maidenhead. Sessions from 6pm until 7:30pm and are open to anyone 11 and up.

All sessions are free, no experience needed and all equipment to get you going is supplied.

For all under-18’s attending, a parent must be in attendance at the beginning of the first session to sign permission paperwork.

For more information, email or visit

Awards Round-up: Rebels MVPs 2013

In the previous post we reviewed the Most Improved Players for 2013. In this post, we’ll review the players who the Rebels voted their most valuable players of 2013.

There were some very good performances from the Rebels players this year. Gary Green stepped in to pitch when we lost Jason Pullin to injury before the season started. Gary showed on more than one occasion why he is an extremely good pitcher and solid player. Gemma Jones built on her MIP award in 2012 with a very good year, a .500 batting average with 13 RBIs was a very productive return at the top of the order. So the bar was very high. In the end the Rebels players voted for Chris “Fletch” Fletcher and Ellie Wheeler.

IMG_2217This was Fletch’s first season with the club, he joined to play a midweek sport to supplement his cricket. As it turns out, Softball trumps cricket in the enjoyment stakes for him. His cricket background was a real advantage from day one, he showed he was very capable of picking up the required techniques and rules. His numbers were very impressive, batting .583 with 21 RBIs and 3 home runs. He was second overall in the club for Put Outs (38) and Assists (24), only Gary Green topped these numbers. When it mattered in games he made the plays. Fletch can be very proud of his season, especially as he went on to represent the club at the League All-Star game and won the MVP for that game too. He and the club can look forward to a great 2014.

Ellie also was new to the club this year. A product of our partnership allstarmvpswith Sir William Borlase Grammar School Ellie has natural sporting ability. She played both for the Royals and Rebels this year and won an army of fans where ever she played, including some GB scouts. Her numbers were equally as impressive as Fletchs, even more so when you factor in she only played 7 games for the Rebels. She batted .576, highest female in the club, scored 11 runs and hit 16 RBIs. Like Fletch Ellie went on to represent the club at the League All-Star game and also picked up an MVP award, what made this even more special was the fact she was called up to the Division 1 squad to replace an injury withdrawal. It will be a busy winter for Ellie, apart from her hockey commitments, she will be attending the BSUK Academy. This will certainly help her development and the club too.

Congratulations to the Fletch and Ellie, and to all the Rebels players who put in such a fantastic effort this season.