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Season Review Day 12. Back where we started.

As we come to the end of this series we are back full circle to our last big event of the 2018, Not Jingle Balls 2. There was no snow to interrupt this second running, and it’s huge credit to the teams that attended that they supported the event twice in 2018.

IMG_4278We try to encourage everyone to get into the Christmas spirt, dress up and just have fun. The 10 teams who competed didn’t disappoint as they really got into the spirit of the event, firstly dressing in a variety of Christmas based outfits and generously taking part in the tombola.

The idea behind NJB is to get everyone into the Christmas IMG_4328mood, plays from ball and raise money for good causes. The first NJB earlier in the year raised £1,082 that went to helping the children at Hope Mosjoen Skole school in Gambia. While we didn’t set any targets for the second edition, the aim was to at least match that total. As before, we want to say a very big thank you to the Nuffield Gym, who run the Royal Masonic School for Girls Sports Hall, for being very generous in their support of us using the hall. they bought into the idea right away and they get our fund raising off to a great start.

IMG_4474The 10 teams, a mix of 6 local WMSL teams from Bracknell, Thames Valley, Reading and an MSC team, plus teams from Swindon, Milton Keynes, Portsmouth and London. were split into two groups of 5, appropriately name Mince Pies and Christmas Puddings. (Group names no reflection on the teams.). Using a variation of the outdoor rules the 5 teams in each group fought it out, in a typically seasonal manner.  The results from the two groups fed into the again appropriately named Bauble and Tinsel competitions.

IMG_4536The entire days saw some extremely close games, with lots of fantastic hitting and fielding, even more so when the outfits were taken into consideration. It’s great to see a group of Santa’s trying to make an out at second.

As we entered the final stages of the competition, the Bauble Semi-finals saw Mad Batter and Panthers face off, while perennial Indoor winners KK’s took on the host team Maidenhead Santa’s. The Tinsel semi-finals saw RG Blue, Portsmouth Dodgers, Thames Valley the Yellow team from Bracknell face off. The bottom 3 teams in both the Mince Pie and Christmas Pudding group had to go to the 3 deciding factor, as all 3 teams finished level on

IMG_4477points and also 1-1 records against each other. The two teams that missed out on the main competition were the Red’s from Bracknell and the Elves from Milton Keynes.

They played their own little final, and it was, in good tradition, the Elves who triumphed.

The finals themselves were between the Mad Batters and Maidenhead Santa competing for the Bauble, and Bracknell Yellows playing the Portsmouth Dodgers for the Tinsel.

The Results

  • Bauble Competition Winners: Mad Batters
  • Bauble Competition Runners-up: Maidenhead
  • Tinsel Competition Winners: Bracknell Yellow
  • Tinsel Competition Runners-up: Portsmouth Dodgers


Thank You , Thank You, Thank You

While the Mad Batters and Bracknell may have walked off with the winner’s awards, it will be the good causes that will benefit from the over £1100 that was raised during the day.

Everyone at Maidenhead Softball Club, would like to thank everyone who helped make the tournament a success, from the Umpires who volunteered their time freely, the members of MSC that put on the food and tombola, and of course a big thank you to the teams, without whom the event just wouldn’t work.


As the year goes on we will post details of the good this money is doing.

A date for your diaries, Not Jingle Balls 3 will return on December 8th 2019.

Remember, There is Still Time To Make a Difference

Of course, this is not the end, outside of the NJB event, we continue to support the Hope Mosjoen Skole through donations. If you are reading this and would have any children’s clothes, games, books or other items you would like to donate, or even items you aren’t sure about, please contact maidenheadsoftballclub@outlook.com and we will arrange collection.

And that is it for another year.

Another year over and another series over. There was an awful lot that happened in 2018, more than we manged to get into 12 episodes. As usual there were lots of highs and lows and we expect 2019 to be the same.

For this year, we will sign off remembering someone we lost – Don Chester, Player, Umpire and Friend.



Season Review Day 2. Christmas in February

42611195_1854567527961237_7052712169799942144_oThroughout the year MSC runs two different events, one for female teams and one for developing teams. Way back in 2014 after the first Hit and Run had run, we started to think about the idea of having a charity event. The main problems back then were the availability of a venue and date, Cricket will always take priority at our ground, even if it is booked for something else, and NMCC was our first choice. Also, ironically, the weather was factor. We wanted to make sure the event actually took place and a charity would benefit.  When the league started to running successful indoor events in November, we thought that an indoor event could fit the bill. When a date in December became available, it all seemed to align and the [Not] Jingle Balls event was born.


As soon as Hit and Run 5 was over we began to put together the first festive themed event. We had it all ready. Raffle prizes, games, teams, fancy dress and a full Christmas festive food menu. However, the weather had other ideas. We had to postpone an indoor event due to weather. So NJB 2017, became NJB 2018 a Nuffield, who run the Royal Masonic School for Girls venue honoured out December date in February. We really, really appreciate their support, they have been fully onboard with this Charity event from the moment we proposed it.

So, in slightly better conditions 9 of the original teams, plus a new team from MSC tried again.


The Day

Group 1 pitted 4 local teams together along with the London based “Scratch” Team.  The 4 locals teams tried, but failed to stop the “Scratch” Team topping the group. In the scrap for the second spot and a place in the Bauble competition, it was Bracknell who pipped the Rebels thanks to their 50-14 win in their encounter. That meant the Rebels joined the Blue Sox in the Tinsel competition thanks to the Blue Sox win over FP. FP finished bottom of the group and would play for the “Christmas Candy”.

Group 2 contained a mix of teams from all over. KK’s were the favourites, but would not have everything their own way as the Swindon based Panthers are a formidable indoor force. Those two did indeed fight it out for the Bauble competition places, while local based TV, Solent based Tomahawks and MK Diamonds fought out for Tinsel. The MK Diamonds found the group a tough, they would finish 5th and go onto meet FP. Tomahawks and TV battled to see who would play the Blue Sox or Rebels.

After 5 frantic hours of group play, the Tinsel competition would be between the Rebels or TV who faced off, or Tomahawks and Blue Sox who played the other semi-final. The Bauble would be between Bracknell or KK’s and Panthers or “Scratch” Team.


The Christmas Candy was won by MK Diamonds, who beat fellow basement team FP in their encounter.

The Tinsel final saw the Rebels, who beat TV 40 to-15 face the Tomahawks, who beat the Blue Sox 25 to -8. The Bauble semi saw a close encounter between Scratch and Panthers go Scratch’s way 10 to -2. The KK’s overcame Bracknell 50 to -8.

The climax to NJB 2017 (2018) saw Tomahawks take the Tinsel crown with a 56 to 14 win over Rebels and KK’s take the Bauble crown 31 to 12 over the Scratch team.

Final Standings

  1. KK’s
  2. Scratch
  3. Panthers
  4. Bracknell Scorchers
  5. Tomahawks
  6. MSC Rebels
  7. TV
  8. RG Blue Sox
  9. MK Diamonds
  10. FP

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

The Softball community was very generous and supportive through their donations and they continued this support at Not Jingle Balls, which raised an amazing £1,082. The club had decided before the event that whatever monies were raised, that simply donating it to the school would not provide the biggest impact. So, since February, Julia has been working through a list of items it was felt would most benefit the school.  10 boxes full of Fancy dress clothes, play tents, giant dominos’, cars, dolls, balls, 35 rucksacks (for the children that can’t afford them), clothes, treats, puzzles, books and much more, where collected.


It took about 3 weeks for the boxes to arrive and the generosity of everyone involved finally to be realized.


Everyone at Maidenhead Softball Club, would like to thank everyone who helped make the tournament a success and helped us to provide these items. Of course, this is not the end, we’ll still be helping the school through donations from the club members.

Still Time To Make a Difference

If you are reading this and would have any children’s clothes, games, books or other items you would like to donate, or even items you aren’t sure about, please contact maidenheadsoftballclub@outlook.com and we will arrange collection.